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Blood Level Case Study

Efficacy of Oral Liposomal Glutathione Supplementation in Increasing Blood Glutathione Levels and Improving Symptoms Associated with Autism: An Observational Case Series

Leigh Ann Chapman ND, Will Gregory PhD, Heather Zwickey PhD

ABSTRACT: Evidence suggests that autism spectrum disorders are influenced by the intricate interface between genetics, immune function, toxic environmental exposures, and increased oxidative stress. Glutathione (GSH) serves as a potent immune system activator and one of the human body's most powerful antioxidants, providing cellular protection from the damage of free radicals. This case series builds upon anecdotal evidence that oral glutathione supplementation increases autistic patient's blood GSH levels as well as improves clinical parameters in areas such as communication, sociability, cognitive awareness and physical symptoms. OBJECTIVE: To review cases of patients treated with oral glutathione supplementation, Essential GSH®, during the course of biomedical treatment of autism spectrum disorder and document changes in blood GSH levels as well as symptoms of autism using the Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ATEC). METHODS: Seven children with a diagnosis of an Autism spectrum disorder are assigned to receive daily supplementation with an oral liposomal glutathione replacement in addition to customary biomedical treatment. Whole blood glutathione was tested at baseline, three weeks and six weeks of treatment. Behavioral, cognitive, social and physical symptoms were monitored at the same intervals using the Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ATEC.) RESULTS: The increase of whole blood glutathione levels as well as improvement in behavior and physical symptoms of children with autism was statistically significant after oral liposomal glutathione, Essential GSH®, replacement therapy.


Participants: The participants in this case study were seven children with a diagnosis of autism. Participants were qualified if baseline whole blood glutathione assay measured below 1000 micromol/L.

Sample Collection: Samples were taken after three weeks and then again at six weeks after the initiation of Essential GSH® supplementation.

Glutathione Replacement: Essential GSH® oral, liposomal glutathione from Wellness Pharmacy® was dosed using 1/4 teaspoon (1.25 mL) for every 30 lbs of child's total bodyweight two times per day. Typical dosage ranged from 200-400 mg total glutathione per day.

Assessment: Symptoms of autism were tracked using the Autism Treatment
Evaluation Checklist (ATEC).

Results: Whole blood glutathione levels increased significantly and change occurred in the severity of the symptoms of autism as represented by the ATEC form. Increases in whole blood glutathione were significantly associated with a reduction in physical symptoms with other subscales trending toward significance.

Figure 1: Means for ATEC Composite Scores Over Time


Figure 2: Average Glutathione Levels Over Time

The actual means are: 840.4 (sd=157.6), 1049.6 (sd=186.9), 958.3 (sd=140.3)

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